Help Two Regular People Change Orphan Care in Thailand

[Editor's Note: BlogHer Carrien from She Laughs at the Days has long had a dream of moving to Thailand with her family to build a self-sustaining orphanage in the hill country. Now, she and her husband are taking the plunge next spring to move overseas with their four kids to do the work they've been dreaming of. Read on for Carrien's story and some information about how you can help. --Grace] Sometimes saying yes to someone in need will take you down very unexpected paths....more
Wow and Wow! You have really taken on an amazing project. I am impressed and humbled by your ...more

I Choose My Kids Over Friends and Me-Time

A friend is having a fabulous 40th birthday getaway in a few months. It involves a short flight and a drive and some fabulous scenery and spa and an overnight stay at a great house. Guests are making their plans for flying in from all over the place and it looks like a really good time. I'll be sending my regrets. It's not the money, or the schedule, or even childcare, really, that is keeping me away. Those things can be worked out. It's this person right here. He has spent every night of his short 20 months firmly tucked in against my side and nursing when he wakes before drifting off to sleep again. ...more
This is a fabulous blog, I really enjoyed it and I applaud you! I'm a clinical psychologist and ...more

I'm Not Too Cool to Beg, Not For Thai Orphans

I used to try and be cool. It wasn't even a conscious thing but I had this ingrained habit of being non-committal about things. Don't let people know you care. Better yet, don't care at all. Keep your hand close. Smile only occasionally. Be hard to impress. I don't know why. I have many, many guesses. But I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about when it changed for me. ...more
Final count as of midnight September 30, 2011. We raised $10,826.50! Thank-you all of you for ...more

Blogher 11 - Managing Expectations and the Ford Family Party

Blogher 11 did an amazing job of making me feel special. From sponsors and vendors going out of their way to get to know me to develop a relationship and uniformed servers handing out cute little hor d'oeuvres on trays at every corner as we walked through the convention center, to over the top parties every night, to extremely thoughtful giveaway packages, everything about this conference combined to make us blogging women feel at home, and cared for and respected....more
I think my kids are so good at forgiving because I give them so much practice, sadly. But they ...more

An Interview with Rachel Devenish Ford, author of The Eve Tree

There is a gentle fragility about Rachel, or Rae as most people call her. She is vulnerable in the strongest way possible, wearing her heart on her sleeve. We've known each other since we were single, she was 18, I was 20, and we traveled the west coast of Canada and the US in a giant 16 passenger van with 4 other girls....more

He should always be Leaf Baby or Leafy. Always. Heh.


The pictures of the construction ...more

Teaching Our Family to Survive in a Thai Orphanage

I can see it in the way my husband eyes the Girl as she grabs her third helping of chicken. When I throw him a questioning glance he says, "A chicken half this size would be all the meat for dinner for all 28 kids at the orphanage."...more

I have to agree with you about my husband.

I will hope with you that your family finds a way. ...more