6 Gifts Your Kids Can't Do Without

There are lists everywhere right now about top gifts for kids - they're full of ideas, presents, and hot and must purchase items. This weekend I pondered what kids really need and once again, while the gifts are fabulous and they bring a level of childhood joy, there are other, more simple real life gifts that kids also need during the holidays. I was reminded of the need to step back, slow down, and to look at life through the eyes of my children -- and how often the simple things are the most needed....more
Wonderful blog post.  I think all kids need these!more

20 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Children

1. Tucking them into bed at night. Someday they'll be too big and I won't get that moment back. Saying good night, pulling up the covers, and kissing their heads is a gift. ...more
I love all 20. Thank you for this.more

Accepting Help Is a Beautiful Thing

A friend and I were talking about accepting help and how hard it is to relent and say yes to receiving help. It was a simple thing, a couple meals being brought to her home after a hand surgery, and yet, the first instinct was to say no and to move forward not accepting the offer for help. She stood across from me and said why is it so easy for me to help others and yet so hard for me to accept help for myself? ...more
Nice post... I struggled with this at one time, tried to help others even as I was oblivious to ...more

You Are the Pinterest Perfect Real Mom

You are that mother. You, right now, the mother wearing the shirt with stains on the shoulders, and your hair swept back, with the toddler on your hip in their pajamas and the preschooler watching Disney Jr. You, that mom, are the Pinterest perfect real mom. You, the mother sitting at home while your 16-year-old drives away, and the middle schooler works on homework, and you trying to balance a schedule that is much too full as you remember those days when they were little and loved Little People. You -- the tired, overwhelmed, joyful, nervous, worn-out, thankful, get-out-of-bed everyday mother. You go on the Real Board....more
thank for this post. I am a pinterest mom!!! but thats because it has saved me so much when it ...more

Dear Anonymous, This is Why Blogging Matters

To the anonymous commenter - it was just a little comment that you left on my Dear Overwhelmed Mom post - that post where I wrote about my overwhelming day and then share what I did during those moments of overwhelm. You left a comment that I felt did little to edify, encourage, understand, or even open discussion. "But I see you found time to blog." The nature of your comment undermines blogging. ...more
Well said! And thank you for saying so from the rest of us that feel the same way that you do!more