Lindsey Renuard is a published author and poet. She is the Internet Content Editor for Community Publishers. She manages local newspapers and community web sites in Oklahoma and is a social media expert. She is a former Professor of English teaching both in the classroom and online.

About Dishwater Dreams

I originally started blogging in 2009. The focus of that first blog was completely different from the turn I took in late 2010. Dishwater Dreams was born and I haven't looked back.

Dishwater Dreams is intended to inspire. You or me, I'm not really sure. Hopefully both. I find that when I am thinking of a story, a poem, or a photo I want to share, I live larger, I think broader, I love art louder. This is what I hope for you when reading my blog.

A Little About Me

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I am a professional procrastinator, single working mom, poet, broom whisperer, laundry hater, and boo boo kisser. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper and tattoos. I love to read novels and write poetry.  I love sleeping, but only when it isn't appropriate, like 2 in the afternoon. I am nocturnal, snarky, and a constant contradiction.

I love hearing from all of you so please leave comments on posts or you can e-mail me at

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