Blogging for Beginners: How to Choose and Get a Domain Name

Thinking of starting a new website? You'll need to choose a domain name for your new site, then buy that domain name. Let's take a look at some of the basics you'll need to get a domain name you love. ...more
pinesandpalmettos Excellent tips. Thanks!more

Another Dead Lesbian TV Character and the Question of Representation

Warning: Last Tango in Halifax spoilers. I write about pop culture on my blog at Old Aint Dead. One of the TV shows I love and spend time recapping is Last Tango in Halifax. I normally love everything about this BBC series. I love the old people having a romance, I love the lesbian couple having a romance, I love the mixed-up straight woman trying to figure out how to have a suitable romance. ...more
keep kate on the show; she can't die if bobby from dallas can return from the dead, then... kate ...more

Why We Need Kalinda Sharma, P.I.

I tweeted this. I meant it as a joke, but after I thought about it a while, I had a real idea. No joke. They need to get Kalinda Sharma on #LostGirl, because she is wasted on #TheGoodWife. — OldAintDead (@OldAintDead) May 13, 2014 ...more
I would too'more

3 Reasons to Catch Up on 'Continuum'

Are you a fan of Continuum? If not, I'm here to convert you. First, check out this extended preview of season 3, episode 1. It's from Showcase, the Canadian source of the show. The series is set in Vancouver. It appears on SyFy in the U.S, where season 3 just began airing. ...more
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New Facebook Gender Settings and How to Change Yours

Your body. Your definition. Now on Facebook. Facebook added the ability to set your gender outside the binary male/female choices just in time for Valentine's Day. Now you can define yourself with a choice more reflective of who you really are if the binary choices don't cover it. Facebook on phone, Image Credit: Shutterstock ...more
GatheringRoses  As someone who is not one or the other, it has always felt like both a lie to ...more

3 Winners from the Fall TV Showdown

What if you picked the top 3 shows from the fall season that you were the most excited about, the most eager to see, and most wanted to recommend and talk about? That's the question I asked myself. Here is my answer. Last Tango in Halifax Image: BBC ...more
@Perle Champion It won't be long until Downton Abbey returns. Can't wait!more

The Crazy Ones: I'm Sold on Robin William's Funny Show

Calling a show created by David E. Kelley and starring Robin Williams The Crazy Ones is only logical. Robin Williams, as ad exec Simon Roberts, doesn't have to be anything but his most manic to be hilarious. In this show, he gets to do plenty of that. Image: CBS ...more
@Denise  I didn't get to see it last night because I went to hear Terry McMillan talk about her ...more

Hillary Clinton Announces Partnership to Help 5 Million Women and Girls

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a partnership between World Pulse and Intel Corporation to expand digital literacy skills for young women in developing countries. The program begins in sub-Saharan Africa. ...more
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The Finale of Groundbreaking Show The Fosters: Brilliant Casting!

From 1998 to 2002, a TV series called Any Day Now captured my devoted attention. It starred Annie Potts as Mary Elizabeth (M.E.) Sims and Lorraine Toussant as Rene Jackson. The two grew up together in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960's. Despite their difference in race and the upheavals and violence of the civil rights movement swirling all around them in Birmingham, they were best friends. I'm happy to see Potts and Toussant together again in The Fosters, which sees its season finale Aug. 5. ...more
@shabish2002 Have you heard that Lorraine Toussaint is going to be in season 2 of Orange is the ...more

Announcing Old Ain't Dead

If you've seen me around BlogHer, you know that I usually write about tech. But now I've gone and done something really crazy. I've launched a new blog called Old Ain't Dead. ...more
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