Kim Kardashian West Will Keynote #BlogHer16!

Today I’m super excited to announce that Kim Kardashian West will be a keynote speaker at #BlogHer16. ...more
Elisa, it is not slut shaming to point out Kim's business strategy is built on her getting ...more

Listen to 'Who SheKnows,' a New SheKnows Media Podcast!

Back in the day when blogging (and BlogHer) were relatively new, podcasting was already a thing. But then podcasting seemed to fade away a bit. As other social platforms rose and blogs stayed strong, podcasts were a little bit overlooked. ...more

The Pitch Keynote Returns Featuring Sallie Krawcheck & Sponsored By GoDaddy

Last year at #BlogHer15, we launched a new SheKnows Media initiative called The Pitch, designed to increase the ranks of women-owned businesses by giving entrepreneurs strategic access to female consumers via our massive marketing and media channels....more
BlogHer SallieKrawcheck GoDaddy looking forward to it!more

Aisha Tyler Will Emcee the Voices of the Year at #BlogHer16!

Last week, I did my usual teasing on my social platforms, because I knew we were about to announce something #geektastic. Something to give you a #nerdgasm. Something that would let you know that #Blerds are representing at #BlogHer16 this summer in L.A. And now it can be told: Aisha Tyler — comedian, gamer, actor, author, podcaster, director, activist, and entrepreneur — will emcee the #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year ceremony!...more
Please send an email to and include the email address you used to create ...more

5 Ways to Maintain Your Professional Boundaries Online (Even When You're Mad)

A few weeks ago, I created a new mantra for myself. It went something like this:...more
I love this. Great tips. I know that exact feeling of wanting to add my 2 cents but then ...more

Sheryl Crow Is Officially Joining Us for a Q&A at #BlogHer16

I'm so pleased to announce that we'll be spending time with Sheryl Crow at #BlogHer16 this August in Los Angeles. She will be joining our main stage for a Q&A to talk about her work, her health, and even your health. Image: Shutterstock...more
What a thrill it's going to be seeing Sheryl Crow at BlogHer. As for fave song, the best I can ...more

We All Pay #TheFemaleTax Just for Being Women

We pay a price for being a woman in the world. Earlier this week, on Equal Pay Day, many of us noted the financial burden we carry because of gendered business practices and policies. But the price we pay for being women is more than just financial: it's emotional, physical, and intellectual. As we at SheKnows began digging deeper into the results of our recent #TheFWord study on feminism, we looked at this price, and decided it made sense to call it #TheFemaleTax. ...more

How Do You Do Feminism?

Several weeks ago, we released the initial findings from our #TheFWord, study on feminism. We shared some "feminist personas" that represented how various members of our community related to "the F word." Female Carpenter via Shutterstock...more
Per the note at the end of the post the sample size above 64 (and below 25 for that matter) was ...more

Who Feels Left Out of the Feminist Movement?

Last fall, SheKnows Media launched a new initiative called ...more
Absolutely, Jenee. That message came through loud and clear. It's interesting to me that you ...more

Sarah Michelle Gellar to Keynote #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us

I'm so excited to welcome Sarah Michelle Gellar back to the BlogHer stage, this time as a keynote for #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us....more
Ah! Love SMG! <3more