Blood Brother: The Gene That Rocked My Family

In the fall of 2010, as my brother was dying of colon cancer, I learned a terrifying secret. He also had Huntington's disease, a horrific brain disorder that is passed down in families. ...more
My family has been rocked by HD. My grandmother, 49 yr old aunt, my sister and brother... all ...more

What Star Parker Doesn't Understand about Kermit Gosnell and Abortion

When abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was convicted, I thought that would end the debate over the lack of safe abortion care for women and why a monster like Gosnell was allowed to flourish for so long. Or that anti-choice conservatives would finally stop demonizing Planned Parenthood as some kind of abortion mill, when the majority of its work is providing preventive care and birth control. ...more
How about, choose to keep, or choose to place for adoption?     Oh, and don't ask me "why don't ...more

A Campaign to End Violence Against Women on Facebook Goes Viral

In case you missed it, last week a coalition of women’s groups posted an open letter to Facebook asking the company to stop the proliferation of content that promotes violence against women on its site and to consider it hate speech. Led by Women, Action & the Media, the Everyday Sexism Project and writer Soraya Chemaly, the groups also urged companies to pull their advertising from the social media giant. ...more
It is nice that they responded and are trying to take action.more

The Stigma of Abortion, and How It Connects Chris Evert and Kermit Gosnell

We’ve had two major stories this week around abortion. As wildly different as they are, they both share an important thread. ...more
WHen blaming this man for making choices that you don't agree with and supporting that by ...more

The Military's Big Sexual Assault Problem

Last week the officer in charge of the Air Force’s anti-sexual assault unit was arrested and charged with sexual battery. Yes, you read that right. Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Krusinski attacked a woman in a parking lot not far from the Pentagon, grabbing her ass and breasts. If that isn’t telling about the military’s sexual assault crisis, I don’t know what is. It certainly doesn’t speak well for the Pentagon. ...more

Saudi Arabia Tackles Violence Against Women in First Ad Campaign

Saudi Arabia isn’t exactly known for its glowing record on women’s rights. Women still can’t drive in the Kingdom or go out in public without permission from a male relative. So I suppose it’s encouraging, if not surprising, that the Middle Eastern country just launched its first ad campaign condemning violence against women. The campaign is called No More Abuse. Why is the Kingdom taking up this issue now? Andri Antoniades takes a look at ...more
I think it will. This is remarkable that this is happening....those poor women ARE really living ...more

The Rape and Death of 15-year-old Audrie Pott

I wish I did not have to write about Audrie Pott. About another “alleged” rape of a teenage girl whose attack was photographed and then spread on social media. Most of all I wish I did not have to write about her suicide. She looks like my daughter. Long dark hair. Beautiful eyes. Sweet smile. ...more
There should be laws against this, not just the rape but the defamation. The internet is a great ...more

AshleyGate: How Mitch McConnell Planned to Smear Ashley Judd

If you think politics is dirty, you’re probably going to think it’s even more dirty after reading this story. It’s so outrageous that you might feel compelled to throw up, or take a shower, or, at the very least, call your senator. Yes, I'm talking about the Mother Jones story with tapes of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and his staff discussing how to attack Ashley Judd as "unbalanced." ...more
@Mona Gable Oh no...didn't mean to imply she was "unfit" for office, at all.  However, she put ...more

North Dakota Passes Strictest Abortion Law in Country

I thought it was over. I really did. After last year’s obsessive focus by conservatives to restrict women’s rights, to control our personal decisions about our health and our families, I thought they might back off. Get the message. They lost the election, and badly. ...more
@Mona Gable Out of curiosity, here's my question: at what point in a pregnancy is it the best ...more

Steubenville: How You Can Help Jane Doe

From the moment the Steubenville story broke, thousands of supporters asked Jane Doe, the 16-year-old victim at the center of the horrible case, What can I do to help? ...more
Mona, thank you. You have inspired me through your post to tell my story. It wasn't until I read ...more