Marriage after baby

Marriage and babies.  Or rather, what happened to our marriage after baby.If I had to give any couple advice on what to do to protect their marriage after baby it would go something like this:...more

Thoughts and Fears on Becoming a Family of Four

On becoming a family of four: My latest thoughts/worries/excitements. Because these feelings/thoughts/emotions run through my mind just seconds apart. I cannot wait to hold my baby girl. Honestly, I just cannot. The smell of a newborn, the knowledge that Jon and I created this tiny soft sweet being. The way that newborns know immediately who their parents are. I love all of it and I can’t wait to experience it again. The fact that we want only two kids and this will be the last time I experience it makes it all the more exciting and gives me just a tiny little ping of feeling sad that I won’t get to do this again....more
I share some of the same feelings being 31 weeks pregnant with #2. I know it'll be an adjustment ...more

Homemade gift for dad

A while ago I saw this pin on making some picture coasters from photos and tiles and I’ve been dying to give it a go.With Jon’s birthday coming up I knew the perfect gift for him from his little Peanut.The only problem is that I didn’t get pictures printed and decided to use my own printer.  And then I wasn’t sure about what photos to put on.  And I wanted something more.  So I made these instead....more

The one about postpartum anxiety

I realized that I had postpartum anxiety when I was 8 weeks pregnant with baby #2, about a year and half after dealing with it, or rather, denying it to myself.  It wasn’t until I stopped feeling that every single person in the world was out to get my baby and that every object in our house would cause death that I was finally able to admit to myself that I had an issue.  Postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression’s secret cousin, isn’t as widely discussed but just feels just as destructive and real....more

What Motherhood Taught Me About My Personality

You know, you go through your life (in this case about 29 years so far) thinking that you’ve pretty much got yourself figured out. You come to terms with some things (like the fact that you can’t sleep with socks on no matter how cold your feet are or that you can’t say no to a brownie, regardless of what you just ate) and you take pride in others (like your natural ability to organize a party with absolutely no decorations, notice, or real planning and still have a wonderful time). And then, bam, motherhood hits you. And all the things that you knew about yourself…or at least you thought you knew about yourself…go right out the window....more

Making a Difference - Interview with Melissa Zgola, MS, MA

As I spoke with Melissa Zgola, MS, MA, a professor at Capella University, I started to notice a very similar pattern.  Not only did she face the same issues within education, but she was discouraged from pursuing a career in IT.  And let me tell ya, IT isn’t exactly a field where you can pick up skills as you go along.  Most of the knowledge that one has in the field has to come from education, as well as trial and error.  There is a real math and science to most things and without the proper education, it’s hard if not impossible to succeed....more

The mom I thought I'd be until I actually became one

I was reading blogs, as usual, the other day and I came across this post from Lauren and boy, could I relate.Before we had Peanut, in fact, before we even thought about having Peanut, I always said that I would be a certain kind of parent.  You know, the cool, collected, got-everything-under-control-my-kid-will-not-have-a-cell-phone-until-she’s-18 parent.  I remember listening to one of my co-workers contemplate a cell phone for his 7 year old and I laughed because, wow, I would never do that....more

A day in the life of a working mom

The life of a working mom…honestly, ask me how I feel about it one day to another and my answer will almost always be different.Some days I wake up, get ready, and then climb back into bed with Peanut while she has her morning bottle and wonder how I’m going to leave her for the full day (this usually happens on Fridays)....more

Toddlers and bet time routines

I’ll start this off by saying that I truly believe that good bedtime routines start almost as soon as the first night.  With Peanut we were cautious to teach her the difference between day and night the day we brought her home from the hospital....more

Meal planning and creating new meals with your leftovers

Before we had Peanut, I wasn’t much of a planner.  Nor the kind of person who liked stability or a predictable schedule.  I loved living my life by the seat of my pants (is that how that saying goes?) and the only meal planning I did was when I was at the grocery store and noticed something I wanted to have....more