My Writer Sister

My Writer Sister

I have a writing sister. What's a writing sister? Sort of like blood-sisters, but minus the cutting of your pinky. In fact, minus being in the actual physical presence of one another.

A few months ago I wrote a story that was featured on BlogHer, and to date it has garnered over 8,000 reads, but (somewhat understandably) it hasn't been shared often. It was called "Top 10 Best and Worst Reasons To Date A Crossdresser." Not a title too many people are willing to show on their Facebook page.

One night, as I checked my email, I noticed one from a person I didn't know. At first I almost deleted it, fearing spam...I am thankful I didn't. That email was from a fellow writer, who confided in me that she too dated a crossdresser. Knowing how difficult it is to have no one to talk to about your crossdressing partner, I sent an email back, not giving any real personal information, just acknowledging her and the similarities of our lives.

Those two emails slowly developed into a wonderful friendship. We both acknowledged the middle-schoolish giddiness that we would feel to have the chance to talk to our friend. The ability to share writing, to sound-board, to vent, and to laugh together is a freeing feeling. We both were featured on a popular blog site at the same time...we shared publishing sites...parenting woes...and we each cheered the other on, hoping for great things for our new friend. I have never heard her voice aloud, but I feel like I would know it if I did.

We live half a country apart, and yet both of our backgrounds, current situations, views of the world, and temperaments are strikingly similar.

Last week we both lamented the fact that we had submitted works to be published and had had no response as of yet. We both were in the middle of being depressed about it, until tonight, when we both got letters from the editors saying each of our pieces would be published.

It may sound corny, or trite, but it was the best feeling to know that we both would be published at the same time. I could enjoy my piece getting published even more because I would not be worrying on her behalf if and when hers would be published, especially since I feel that her writing is so much more polished than mine.

I have friends, here in the real world. Close friends, that I've known forever and with whom I have shared everything. They are wonderful, and the love we all share fills my heart completely. So imagine my surprise when I realized there was still room in that heart for another close friend, someone who is a mother, like me, a writer, like me, a crossdresser-lover, like me, a nerd, like me, funny, like me (or at least like I like to believe I am), sarcastic, like me, and sincere, like me.

So, writer-sister, if you're listening, thanks for sending that first email. Thanks for listening, and writing, and laughing with me. Someday we'll be in the same state, and I'll get to hear the voice that goes with that amazing writer's mind. Until then, just know that I am listening.

What's a writer sister? A writer who inspires you, and strikes a chord, and in doing so makes you a better writer.




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