My Valentine's Day Evolution

My Valentine's Day Evolution

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  

It was fun when I was younger and had a boyfriend I guess — I ‘m a cancer, so I kept boyfriends for a long time and was always covered for the love holiday, but now that I am married (again) with 2 kids, it has lost some of its appeal.  I lump it in with New Years, in that there might be some good food involved, but otherwise it is a day that tries to force something that always ends up being better enjoyed on a day when you least expect it.  I started thinking about when Valentine’s Day lost its appeal and when I made peace with it and scientifically came up with my Valentine’s Day Evolution.

Visually, think of the evolution of man drawing from ape to Homo erectus, but with a perky little cupid slowly changing over to a hunched little old man whose wings are tired and worn from the wrong kind of flower, non-brand chocolates with non-descript soapy-tasting centers and a couple of unexpected arrows to the bum.  Then, cupid un-hunches and starts to stand up straight again at the end, thank goodness.

Age 5:   ♥ paper valentines from everyone in class ♥ party with sweets at school ♥ mom decorates the house ♥ grandpa Lee always give chocolates



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