My take on tampon ads

My take on tampon ads

Tampon commercials, and any other advertisements for “feminine hygiene products”, are a bit odd. For one thing, they seem to be aimed at women who have no other concerns with their life than if they are going to get to wear white clothing that day. There are never the more realistic commercials of “ if you wear X pad + a tampon big enough to be mistaken for a sheep, then you might only stain you pajamas as opposed to having to strip and remake the bed”.

Also, the women in tampon commercials look chipper as they dance about in their ultra-white trousers. I do not know, personally, ANY women who feel chipper on their period. Moreover, if they are wearing white pants it is as part of a uniform and they are therefore even LESS chipper.

I think the white-trouser-tango may be some form of “upbeat” or “semi-humorous” attempt on the part of marketing. If this hypothesis is correct, the ads are failing. I think that if they want to be amusing about the whole thing, they should go big or go home.

They should have a seriously handsome dude, maybe even a mega-watt star like Hugh Jackman, shill the tampons. The commercial should say ”Things You Really Want in Your Vagina” over Jackman’s picture and “Things You Really Need in Your Vagina” over a picture of the tampon box. That would be, in my opinion, a much better commercial than seeing some twiglet model who probably doesn’t have enough body fat to even GET her period hawking the coochie-stuffing.

Perhaps this is why I am not in marketing.


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