My Social Media Journey To Reconnect With My Followers on Twitter

My Social Media Journey To Reconnect With My Followers on Twitter

After celebrating my 3 year anniversary on Google Plus, I decided to return to being active on Twitter. I've been semi-active on Twitter and occasionally participating in Twitter chats. Yet, it almost became a ghost town for me because I truly lost interest.

Why did I lose interest in Twitter

After finding Google Plus 3 years ago, I spent the majority of my time there building my presence and making vital connection. It has been very successful for me because as of the writing of this blog post, I am a 1 of 15 Top Contributor on Google Plus. Also, I have a weekly news segment about social media and techology via a Google Plus Hangout that is part of a live local news show out of Reno, NV.

What I realized is that a lot of time was spent engaging on Google Plus that I almost neglected my other social media profiles. Recently, I was interviewed during the #LinkedInChat that is hosted by Viveka von Rosen on Twitter and it was one of the reasons that I was drawn back to Twitter. Interesting enough, I was being interviewed about Google Plus. That's when I realized that Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn work well together for social media visibility.

Why do they work well together?

Here I was on Twitter being interviewed by a LinkedIn experted about the topic of Google Plus. What a great combination! Below are tips to help you merge these three social media profiles to help you grow you visibility too.

  • Participate in Twitter chats to help you connect to others and grow your visibility.
  • Join communities on Google Plus where you can share you knowledge and connect with target customers or peers.
  • Partcipate in LinkedIn groups which will help you connect with decision makers and grow your influence.
  • Host Google Plus Hangouts on Air and share your knowledge. Then you can take the recorded video that's on YouTube and share it on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Write blog post about the topic you shared during your Hangouts on Air and include the video from YouTube.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to merge your social media efforts on Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. I'm still on my social media journey so I will be sharing more details as I continue to create news ways to use these three social media websites together.