My sister nearly died.

My sister nearly died.

She nearly died.

I was sure she would die.

The doctor didn’t understand.

He didn’t know she had a terminally ill child at home...

Waiting for her.


He didn’t understand,

I couldn't lose her. 


Nothing was recognizable,

Except for the color of her eyes.

Huge, bright, blue eyes stared at me,

Silently pleading, “Help!”


I knew it wasn’t heartburn.

Body temperature was 45degrees.



She was freezing.


“No, don’t leave us in this room alone!”

“Come on!”

“Please, you don’t understand.”


I wanted to scream.

I felt so helpless and I knew she was dying.


Finally, the doctor saw her.

Things began to move very quickly.





Infection from the surgery,

Spread through her entire body.

The infection made its way,

Into the sac around her heart.

That caused the heart attack.


Released from the hospital one afternoon.

Fighting for her life that same evening.

The steroids she was taking,

Masked her white blood cell count.


She kept being released with the infection at bay,

But, not under control.

In the ICU,

Things went from bad to worse.

The family gathered.

We waited.





‘Anything, but that!’


My soul broke.

Oh, god.

This is too sad.

They didn’t really say that?

‘No! Come on!’

‘Her daughter! Her daughter!’


A second miracle occurred.

She survived.

She cheated death.

By the time, she is well enough to go home,

Spring was in full bloom.

She was beyond thankful to me.


I was numb.

I had almost lost her.

I had almost lost her.


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