My Resolution Resolution

My Resolution Resolution

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, especially those about diet and going to the gym.

New Year’s Resolutions are primarily fat-shaming bullshit, y’all. Most of the time they are just the same old ways of setting one’s self up for failure and self-castigation because they involve altering one’s body via self-denial and physical “discipline”.  When you can’t meet impossibly lofty goals, or it turns out that calorie restriction and exercise are not magic bullets for weight loss, and only equal long-term weight loss for statistically less than 1% of the people who do it, you just have an excuse to loathe yourself and “let yourself go”.  While weight isn’t all that big a factor and overweight people live the longest, the lack of exercise usually kills your ass sooner than later so that ain’t good.

gym resolution

I make daily efforts.

I try my best to be a good person, to be a patient and loving mother, and to give Sweet Babou proof that my wedding vows weren’t just easy words on paper but the promise to do real actions of care and attention. I also try to eschew food that isn’t nourishing and to exercise for the purpose of maintaining/increasing my physical abilities and health.

Clearly, I don’t meet these goals every day. But when I don’t then every single day is a fresh opportunity for achieving what I aim for. It’s not a yearly cycle of perfection; it is a daily attempt to live my life well and with good effect.

Notwithstanding my abhorrence for NYE “traditions”, I am totally going to stay up to midnight and try to get laid tonight though.

I’m only human.


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