My Number of Sexual Partners Doesn't Matter. Here's Why.

My Number of Sexual Partners Doesn't Matter. Here's Why.

We have to own our sexuality. In owning it, we accept the sexual decisions we've made, are responsible when it comes to safe sex, and honest with our partners. While we don't owe anyone an explanation for our past, we do owe it to ourselves and others not to place so much emphasis on that number. My number has zero bearing on who I am as person, nor does it suggest anything about my morals, ethics, or how I was raised — despite what Twitter trolls may try to tell me several times a week because of the topics I cover. The same goes for you, and everyone else.

In subtracting any power associated with the amount of people with whom we've had sex, we can be one step closer to moving past the drama and judgment that comes with it. What you decide to tell people is your choice, and I won't tell you any differently. Telling you what to do is Tracey Cox's expertise; I'm just here to make sure you don't skimp on your pizza intake.

This article originally appeared on I Don't Care About 'Your Number,' So Don't Worry About Mine.

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