My Messy House Would Not Be Approved by Martha Stewart

My Messy House Would Not Be Approved by Martha Stewart

[Editor's Note: Even the neatest neat-nicks among us can admit that children bring a certain amount of mess and chaos with them. My home is certainly not as organized as it was pre-kids. Tania at Larger Family Life wrote an amusing post about her messy home that had me nodding. -Jenna]

My Home Is Not a Showhome:

Messy HouseYet still nothing looks like it has been done.

It's just gone ten am as I'm writing this post. There's a whole day of mess waiting to be created on top of the mess that is already present. My living room looks like a cross between Twister and Toy Story. My kitchen looks like I should be donning a nylon overall, what with the amount of laundry taking up room in it and the downstairs bathroom... well, what can I say except why can't boys aim straight?

I always feel I need to apologise if people come over. My eyes see what they must see, mess and dust and heaps of toys and books everywhere.

I look at people's photos and wonder how everything looks so neat and tidy in the background. You are unlikely to see a photo of mine unless a) I can crop all the crap from it or b) it is taken in the one corner that is decent at that moment in time.

But she DID share a picture! Read on for some honest laughs about messy homes and kids.

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