"My life after Marriage"

"My life after Marriage"

Since few days, I do not know why I was yearning to put my thoughts on paper so strongly. Several ideas came in my mind, but I could not put them in words.

But today, when me and my husband, are in the phase of completing Four years of our marriage, I thought there is no better way to focus on our after marriage years than beginning with anything else.

They say – “You do not marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without.”


So true… Marriage is an amalgamation of two people, their thoughts, beliefs, their families, relatives and their whole lives. It’s so outrageous to consider marriage a taboo when it can be proved to be the most beautiful collaboration of humans’ life.

Life does not stop after marriage. In my opinion, you get a legitimate reason to start it afresh with a person who will be your partner for life. In fact, after marriage only, your horizon of responsibilities, patience and adventure expands. You find a dedicated person who will listen to you anytime, any moment of the day or night.

Initially, life wasn’t so great in spite of the fact that we were totally fond of each other. I was taking the responsibility of being a wife as a burden. I thought, my freedom has been snatched away from me and now I will not be able to chase my dreams.

But no, I was so wrong. I had a person who was ready to bear with me all the ups and downs, who was the first person to be known when I did something wrong and who always gave me a reason to smile. Every passing day, month or year, taught me how to be endurable and not angry and how to listen to each other patiently, even when you do not wish to.

Though, it’s not been so long (And by long, I mean 25 years or 30 years or eternity), but still, I feel this is the man whom I have always dreamt of. A person who is so caring (sometimes it also goes extreme) and genuine and a partner who shares almost everything with me and most importantly, is there for me whenever I need him.

There were times, when we fought like wild animals and did not even speak to each other for days. But now when we remember those moments, we laugh aloud. We have accepted our mistakes (may be) and now we try to avoid having fights frequently. We have now healthy discussions and try to settle them down with each other’s consent.

Marriages are made in heaven, but we have to hold it tight to make it work on earth. Compromises are the inevitable part of any alliance and marriage is no exception to it. That’s what I have learnt so far from our relationship and hoping to inculcate more in the coming years of togetherness…

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