I'm Sorry That My Kid Hurt Your Kid

I'm Sorry That My Kid Hurt Your Kid

I wish that he would be described as "goal-focused" or "determined" but right now, he's just seen as a jerk who cares more about getting through that doorway or scoring the goal to consider your child's face/body parts.

It's a bit scary, when I let my mind go to that far off place where I picture him as a teenager or adult, shoving his way onto a train or punting his boss in the butt because he needed to get a drink from the water cooler.

Lord, have mercy.

Just so you know, we have told him he can't play the soccer-game at recess this whole week. He mentioned that he doesn't know why he keeps hurting kids on accident, so until he can figure out some self-control of his flailing body parts, we've decided to bench him.

This really made him upset and he wailed and cried himself to sleep. It sucked, but I'm hoping his level of "upsetness" is enough to help him stop hurting kids on accident.

The kids are still waiting for the new playground construction to be completed, so there really isn't anything else for them to do at recess time. I am hoping our decision to bench him doesn't backfire into a situation where he comes back from recess with extra energy that wasn't released at the appropriate time.

But, I know that's not your problem.

His teacher told me that she will be calling to connect with me every two to three days to discuss his progress. The principal will also be in the loop, as will the yard duty staff.

It's always a super-fun feeling to know that your kid is a meeting topic with the school staff, and not because he sold the most magazine subscriptions in the latest fundraiser.

In the mix of consequences, he's also been stripped of his screen privileges until he can earn them back by avoiding all handsy/kicksy altercations with innocent children.

I know that it should be my kid apologizing, and not me, and if your child will allow him to get close enough, who knows, maybe my bull-in-a-china-shop-kid will actually amaze us all by apologizing on his own.

I am sorry your kid got hurt by my kid and I'm sorry that I seem to be useless in stopping his spastic tendencies.

I love him more than I can fathom, though, and I pray that that love rubs off on him soon, so that he can love others around him, too.

That one kid's mom

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