My Ridiculous Husband Now Thinks He's My Wardrobe Stylist

My Ridiculous Husband Now Thinks He's My Wardrobe Stylist

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My otherwise wonderful husband recently started doing something very annoying. For no apparent reason, he started giving me fashion advice! I'm a stay-at-home mom. My wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and yoga pants. He keeps suggesting skirts and dresses. It makes me uncomfortable. I'm an adult and know what I like to wear, but he insists.

Do you think there's something else going on with him? How do I get him to stop? He's driving me crazy.


Casual Mom

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Dear Casual Mom,

There are people giving advice online who will tell you to celebrate in the fact that your husband has taken an interest in your clothes. They will encourage you to branch out. After all, if your man is hinting at flowing skirts and plunging neckline dresses (I’m reading between the lines here), why not humor him and keep him and the marriage happy? (Un)fortunately, this is not one of those advice columns.

I find other people telling adults how to dress annoying . Maybe it's my problem. Maybe it comes from my high school years of getting dressed in the morning only to be greeted with a “is that what you're wearing?” by my mother. That kind of question didn't make me feel good then. It wouldn't make me feel any better now.

As you said, you know what you like to wear. So long as it's clean, appropriate and does not attract Protective Services, your wardrobe should be within your control. There is nothing wrong with your husband expressing an interest in seeing you wear a certain outfit, but he has to understand that his desire to do so comes second to yours.

Talk to your husband. Ask him why he is suddenly so interested in changing your style. If you are open to trying on a few new outfits (maybe for an evening out), go for it! But if you're committed to your clothes, make it clear to him that you’re all set in the fashion department for now. But that you’ll keep him posted if that should change, so he should definitely keep up with the fashion magazines.

Good luck,

Marinka, TMH


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