My Holiday Card List Is Too Long

My Holiday Card List Is Too Long

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

When exactly do you stop sending people holiday cards?

I keep going through names of people I literally haven’t spoken to in years and wonder why the heck we still send each other cards?  But if I receive one from them, I think I have to reciprocate.  And those cards are expensive!  And then there are the new people.  I’ve started receiving some from my daughter's new preschool class, and I had no intention of sending any of them a card — but do I have to now?  This is out-of-control and exhausting!


Losing My Holiday Spirit with Every Card I Write

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Dear Losing My Holiday Spirit,

Well, you are writing to someone who hasn't yet sent thank-you notes for a baby born seven months ago! And now I have my Christmas cards sitting on my kitchen counter, too. If only I had thought to do a combo: "Thanks for whatever gift you sent to our baby and happy holidays!"

Holiday cards can become quite a chore, but I think they are super fun to receive. Every day, my kids and I look through the new cards. They love to hear how I know different families and be reminded of the kids they've met and played with. Plus I love to see who humiliates their dog by dressing him up as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or who insists on putting the entire family in matching Christmas outfits.

You're right that some of these holiday cards are ridiculously expensive (do you really need extra heavy card stock with an overlay of gold-inflected tissue paper?) and I would chose a cheaper option so that you don't feel like you are doubling your kids' future college loans with every additional card you send out.

Then do whatever the hell you want. Feel like sending cards to everyone you've known since you pledged Pi Beta Phi? Do it. Just want to send them to close friends? Cheers to that! It's your holiday and in the end, it doesn't matter. Don't feel obliged to send a card to everyone that sends you one. The truth is -- because of Facebook, Instagram and whatever else is out there, we are all interconnected. So you'll probably see your former boss' kids screaming on Santa's lap whether you want to or not.

Now stop worrying and get on over here and mail out my Christmas cards! No, I'm serious. I need you to come right now.


Kelcey, TMH


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