My Experience with Anti-Depressants: Depression Is Not Weakness

My Experience with Anti-Depressants: Depression Is Not Weakness

Annoyed, because I knew better than that. Depression is not weakness. It shouldn’t be stigmatized. Problems with moods can be chemical. I overestimated how much control I had, and put off availing myself of medication that would have helped me sooner.

Sad, because if I’d taken that advice without being concerned about my image and self-image — what it would “imply” about me and my mental state — my two oldest kids would have had a much happier and calmer mommy from the very beginning of their lives.

However, my more-even moods have allowed me to be more forgiving of not only those around me, but myself. I don’t stay annoyed at myself or sad for very long, and I’m grateful I finally allowed myself the help I needed.

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