My Crohn's Disease Trigger Foods

My Crohn's Disease Trigger Foods

I remember as a kid not wanting to eat anything. ANYTHING. With my Crohn’s Disease everything that went in was much, much worse coming out. You’re welcome for that TMI, as well. And my apologies if I’ve now turned you away from my writing but Crohn’s Disease isn’t pretty.

I remember a particular instance like it was yesterday. I was lying on the couch in so much pain and I hadn’t had a single bite to eat in days. My mom was sitting in the floor in front of me, rubbing my hair, begging me to eat. Saying she would get me anything that I wanted. Turns out, my comfort food became chicken tenders from Burger King. I know there are some people out there that are going to read this and think that my parents should never have given me fast food with my disease and especially if that was the only thing I was going to eat. The truth of that matter though, is that I ate. It was the only thing I wanted and the only thing I wouldn’t throw up. So I ate a lot of Burger King chicken tenders.

I believe with my disease and lack of any nourishment meant I got to eat whatever I wanted. Even if it was a Fudge Round Little Debbie, because at least I was eating SOMETHING. I was never restricted from food – that I can remember – despite doctor’s saying no caffeine and no dairy. Try keeping this girl away from a bowl of Mayfield’s ice cream. Trust me, it won’t happen.

In the past few years though, my Crohn’s Disease and my body have evolved and I don’t tolerate some foods the way I did when I was a kid. That list of foods probably won’t surprise some, but some of the things on there don’t necessarily make a lot of sense.



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