My Christmas Discovery

My Christmas Discovery

But, amidst that feeling, there has been a journey of personal discovery. Christmas really is not about the amount of money you spend on someone. The present is not about the monetary value at all, but the reason why you chose that thing for that particular person. And you know something? There are just as many people out there right now saying "well, duh!" as there are saying "yeah, right!" For all the people who believe that handmade gifts are best, that Christmas is too commercial, there are people who remain in the mindset that is enforced on every television screen and in every magazine - 'size matters'. Substitute size for whatever you will; value, quantity, physical size.  The message is still the same. But I say, no more.

When you have only a small amount of money to spend on someone, you have to look a damn sight harder to find a good gift. I say that because you know, every bit has to count. When you have a large budget, there are lots of generic gifts you can buy, you can even hedge your bets and buy several in a 'multi-buy deal' and choose the recipients later. This year, however, I had to really look for a gift and try really hard to get something that the person would like, without going over my meager budget. It was difficult, but every gift under that tree is a thoughtful one, carefully picked with love, and I hope that when my family opens them, they will see that.

Even more so, I hope those who receive handmade gifts from me will not judge me too harshly or think I am cheap. They were made with love, which is a currency I have plenty of. And love is what Christmas is all about, isn't it?


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