8 Sites I Can't Live Without

8 Sites I Can't Live Without


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Bloppy Bloggers is a Facebook group that was created (I believe) by Julie DeNeen of Fabulous Blogging. Many in the Bloppy Army sing her praises on a daily basis as an awesome blogger and social media queen. I am new and just dipping my toe in the water, but this group has over 1,000 members now and has pretty much daily threads where you can add your blog links for sharing.

There are a lot of active members from all different types of blogs, so you will get a good mix of content to read and a new place to share your content. There are also lots of Q&A threads about various social media and blogging topics that you can jump in on. The only caveat is that this group is SO active, you may find yourself turning off notifications now and then because you get SO many notifications. A good problem to have though if you are looking to connect with other bloggers!

Which websites do you visit daily? Share links in the comment section.

Susan Maccarelli
Blogger:Pecked To Death By Chickens

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