Must-Have Monday (And An OXO Giveaway)

Must-Have Monday (And An OXO Giveaway)

Grady's Cold Brew Iced Coffee Bean Bags


Every once in a while (hmmm – every day), I find something that I think I just have to have. Sadly, thanks to the ease of Amazon Prime and the corresponding app on my iPhone, I often find that must-have item on my doorstep in less than 48 hours. Sometimes, in that 48 hours, I forget what is in the box… Clearly, did I really need it if I don’t even remember what it is?

For Lent this year, I gave up online shopping. 40 days, 40 nights. No online purchases. No overnight diapers, no book club books, no school supplies for the kids. It was cathartic. I am sure that I saved a ridiculous amount of money. By the time I got around to getting in my car and driving to a store, I usually had forgotten what it was I really needed.

Since Lent ended, I have made a huge change in my almost-daily online ordering compulsion. I started putting items in wish-lists instead of in my online shopping cart and making little “to buy” lists on my smartphone or on pads of paper in the kitchen. After I sit and reflect on the lists a bit, I realize that I don’t always need that book or snack or kitchen tool or a cute top for my daughter.

In honor of my new streamlined approach to shopping, I am starting a weekly post – Must-Have Monday. If the items are on this list, they made the cut. This week, I have three items that have qualified for my new stringent purchase guidelines… I hope you approve. I also have three super-handy summer fruit kitchen tools from OXO for a giveaway so be sure to enter! 

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