Must-Have Accessories for Traveling (Even in Europe)

Must-Have Accessories for Traveling (Even in Europe)

Frequent traveling requires organization and planning, which I have learned over the past two years.  My four-to-seven-day journeys usually do not require a lot of things, so traveling light and having reliable travel accessories makes the journey a lot more easier.

This past year I have traveled back to the UK at least seven times, sometimes with the children> More often, I would be traveling alone. And during my travels  I have discovered the important things that I need to bring for a more organized and stress-free trip.  So I have put together my own personal list of must-have travel accessories just to make life a little easier while hopping from one country to another. 

1. Anker® Astro Mini iPhone5 portable battery charger

If you’re like me who like to travel with my phone and iPad, I found this great little device that enables you to charge your phone or tablet device on the go.  No more dreading the 1% battery bar -- this handy lipstick-sized charger can charge your phone from 0% to 100%, more than enough just to get you through those emergency calls and texts!! They also come in four colors.

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