Educating Tweens and Teens on Pop Culture: The Movies I INSIST My Kids See

Educating Tweens and Teens on Pop Culture: The Movies I INSIST My Kids See

It took me a long time to gather my thoughts for this list of essential movies I want my children to see before I can consider their pop culture foundation complete. A long  time. I mean, with all the junk that can be dumped into an impressionable young mind, I had to very seriously consider what junk wanted throw in there, besides the usual dysfunction.

A few movies have our hearts forever. Kids today (those whipper-snappers!) will never have the luxury of dialing a rotary phone, clipping a buzzing pager onto their jeans pocket, or manually shifting gears in a car. And that's sad.

I've come up with the top movies I insist that my kids to see while they're kids (or at least young adults), movies that may help teach, enlighten, open their eyes to a time gone by, or simply entertain. But, most of all, movies I'd watch right beside them. If they'll let me. 

Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

Adventures in Babysitting ScreenshotImage: Buena Vista Pictures

Here's Why: Oh, so many reasons. Firstly, Holy Eighties! Every kid should experience a little taste of the 1980's, and this movie, that brought Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) and her wards face-to-face with gang bangers, drunken frat boys, jazz greats, imminent death, and Thor himself, is a perfect example. Complete with steel, American-made cars, payphones, and utterly being lost in a big city before the time of technology, Chris fearlessly protects the kids and has them in bed before Mom and Dad get home. 


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