MOMMA CANDY of the Week!

MOMMA CANDY of the Week!


(Did I Tell You I'm Having A Giveaway?)


This week went by so fast and I can't say enough thank-yous for all of the blog love Momma Candy has received due to the awesome giveaway I'm hosting. More on that in a sec.


So, let's get started on Momma Candy of the week! It's basically my way of highlighting the positives, the sweet things, the favorites, (the candy), of my week.





I may have mentioned a time or two that I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead series. I watch it with my fourteen year old. In fact, he's the one who got me hooked. But I have a confession...I had never seen the first season! So every day of the last week after he comes home from school and before I start dinner we watched an episode or two of the first season.


And now I know the significance behind this picture.



My wondering thoughts have consisted of zombies and take overs and society break down and fluffy feel good stuff like that.








It finally came! A few weeks ago there was some kind of deal shared on facebook through that offered an awesome discount on these babies. I had been waiting to find a deal on these so as soon as I saw the share, I jumped on it!


It finally came earlier this week and I love it! I'm working it into a wall photo collage, of which I will be blogging about. But for now it has a temporary home on the hall wall so little sticky fingers can't explore.





So I saw this tutorial on Sami's Shenanigans showing how to make a heart on your nail with nail polish and I wanted to copy. I'm on hiatus from the acrylics (sad face) but the upside to that is I get to paint my nails all the time. The down side is I have to paint my nails all the time.


Anyway, I love a "power nail" or a different colored ring finger and Pinterest is full of ideas and color combination. I've also been looking for the perfect shade of charcoal or gun metal. It's one of my favorite nail polish colors. Went to Target and, BOOM, found it.


And then I attempted the heart doing toenails first. I'm not a big fan of my feet. I mean they're clean and disease free so they aren't all bad but they aren't usually my first choice for pictures. However, for the sake of the heart and my new nail polish color being one of my candies of the week, I must share.




If you take a look at the tutorial it says to use tape for the heart shape. I only had medical tape in the house so the heart is definitely not the best. But it's better than what was there before - chipped pink nail polish. Classy.


Oh yeah, and I did my acrylic-less nails, too.


The heart is pink with pink sprinkles. Like a cupcake.







If you don't know about Costco pizza, you better ask somebody.


As far as Friday night pizza goes, it's king. Now that we've ordered it so frequently, everything else pales in comparison. The other stuff isn't even pizza as far as I'm concerned. And, you know what? Costco pizza not only tastes better, it's bigger and cheaper, too!


No, I'm not a paid spokesperson. But if Costoc wanted to pay me in, oh, maybe free pizza, I'd be totally okay with that.


I'd also be really overweight. Sacrifices, people.









Oh, my giveaway? I haven't mentioned it on the blog, facebook, and twitter maybe a few times? Well, let me tell you about it!


I'm having a Valentine's Day giveaway with Whole Soul Jewelry. Click here for more details and to enter the giveaway.


Now, go forth and enter my giveaway, paint a heart on your nail, eat some Costco pizza, and HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!








Mom to Gabe (14), Christian (4), and Lola (3)

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