9 Awesome Things Good Mom Friends Do Right

9 Awesome Things Good Mom Friends Do Right

While some friends have stayed with us since grade school, others come in and out of our lives. Over time, our criteria for friends change. The criteria for an elementary friend might be as simple as living close to each other, a university friend might be someone who keeps the same hours as you, or is in the same classes. Sometimes, once the reason you were friends no longer exists, neither does the friendship.

Yet, others join you at different stages of your life and stay with you for the remainder.

Since becoming a parent, I have been blessed with getting to know a close network of moms who have quickly become my friends.

What makes a good mom friend?

Awesome Mom Friend: Cares when you're sick!
Credit: littleprincessdiaries.

1) When my kids are sick, you ask me if I am, too.
No one wants their children to be sick. While we can take medicine to counteract our coughs, colds or flu, most medicines are off limits for toddlers and babies, making them sick and miserable.

Add in two or three kids sick at the same time, and it is a rough couple of days for everyone in the house. Multiply this by 10 if you are sick, too.

Nothing says misery quite like puking beside your puking toddler. A good mom friend knows this. And while she wants to know that your kids are okay, she knows they are if you are!

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