Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014: Small Stones 1-4

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014: Small Stones 1-4

I had heard of Writing Our Way Home and their January "Small Stones" tradition (if you're not sure what it's all about, you can read more here), but always seemed to remember or find out about it after the fact and so was never able to participate.

But this year it's different, thanks to a post by Denise Tanton on BlogHer: Are You Setting Reading or Writing Goals in 2014? These Reading and Writing Challenges Can Help.

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014

So I jumped in and started writing my own "Small Stones" (thanks for the reminder and inspiration, Denise!), and here's my first selection.

Day 1

Monochrome sky in soft silken grey
Filigree of black-lace branches
Plush white cape of velvet snow draped

Day 2

Pan sizzles, silverware tinkles, dishes clatter
He sings silly songs and chatters at the cats
And dinner is served.

Day 3

Angel's hair, purest white
Pink-padded paws, softest touch
Love-lit eyes, sweetest heart

Day 4

Two sparkling glass Mason jars,
shiny screw-top lids,
handfuls of small polished pebbles.
One cradles nurtured hope...
the other, celebrated progress.

Do you participate in the Mindful Writing Challenge?
Please share!


NaBloPoMo January 2014

Ultimate Blog Challenge

(Original post in Alphabet Salad.)

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