Mexican Rice Backflash

Mexican Rice Backflash


It is wonderful how our brains are wire and how our senses play a big roll in the kitchen.

Everytime I make this rice , it transport me to my mom's kitchen  when she was teaching me how to make the rice,  she used to tell me, " You have to use your 5 senses in the kitchen and sometimes your 6th  sense as well.

You  need to soak the rice and it will soften the grain...TOUCH.

You need to soak the rice about 30 minutes. 

When you start frying the rice the change of color is very  important and the sound it makes too....SEE and HEAR.



When it turns an even golden color  and sounds like the next video is ready for the next step. 

Put in the blender roma tomatoes, onion, garlic, water, salt to your choice... TASTE.

To make the puree for the rice and pour it over the fried rice. 

Cover your pot, cook on medium heat  for 20 -25 minutes, around  15 miuntes you will start smelling that the rice is about to get ready... SMELL..

When all the water is evaporated and the rice is soft, but still firm to the touch is ready..6th SENSE.

Sometimes is hard to explain when the rice is done, it has to be soft....but firm...hard to explain right?? Well your 6th sense will tell you when is ready. 

Here is the link for the full recipe tutorial.




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