Hello you dearest <3
yesterday I arrived home for the Holidays ! Finally we are all together and the holy days can begin . Unfortunatelly I have to leave 1 of January but there is one week till then and spending time with my family is all that I want .
On Sunday I bought the last presents and now there are all under the tree .

 All my suitcase was full of presents ....there was just a small piece of space for a few shirtsand one pair of jeans BUT I want to spend most days in my p.j's so what the heck . Last weekend we went with my daughter to the Athens Metro Mall and it was helllll . You could only see stressed people , crying kids , angry couples ....well you know , just the usual a few days before Christmas .

Sometimes I wish everything could be so much lighter and easier like it was some years back . This picture shows Athens in the 60's at Christmas time . Wonderful , don't you think ?

The snow is fake but it really was freezing cold :-)

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