Men as forgetful at 30 as 60

Men as forgetful at 30 as 60

Sorry, ladies, but appears our men have a legit excuse for not remembering to (insert your random chore of choice).  A new study from Norway called Hunt3 analyzed 37,405 men and women age 30 and older.

They found that not only are men more forgetful than woman, but also that younger men forget just as much as older men.

So why the gender differences? The researchers have some theories.

1. It could be that men tend to have more high blood pressure and high BMI, which may trigger forms of neurodegeneration.

2. New evidence has shown that men's and women's brains are wired different. Men have more connections within certain regions of the brain, but women have more that connect different regions of the brain together. Perhaps this helps women attach memory to other things--like emotion, visual cues, auditory clues, etc.---when they are being formed.

Here's what I read:


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