Skinny Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

Skinny Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

Spaghetti squash is a winter squash that's famous for the way it strings apart into long strands when it's cooked, and it's a low-calorie and low-carb vegetable. I love spaghetti squash, but I think one key to enjoying it is to learn to appreciate the slightly crispy texture and fresh flavor of the squash itself--not try to pretend it's pasta. This Skinny Spaghetti Squash Alfredo from Food Doodles adds from-scratch Alfredo sauce mixed into the squash, which I think sounds amazing for a Meatless Monday dish or side dish. Heidi says you can use whole-wheat flour, light cream cheese and low-fat milk to make this, but I would never substitute the freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Skinny Spaghetti Squash
Image: Courtesy of Food Doodles

Get the recipe for Skinny Spaghetti Squash Alfredo from Food Doodles.

Have you made something interesting for Meatless Monday this week? If so please share the recipe link or your recipe in the comments. You can find more Meatless Monday recipes by clicking the tag Meatless Mondays.

BlogHer Contributing Editor Kalyn Denny also blogs at Kalyn's Kitchen, where she's committed to low-glycemic cooking, and at Slow Cooker From Scratch, where she features "from scratch" slow cooker recipes. Kalyn probably won't ever be a vegetarian, but she does love to make meatless dishes such as Spaghetti Squash and Chard Gratin.

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