Brussels Sprouts Macaroni & Cheese

Brussels Sprouts Macaroni & Cheese

If you're looking for family-friendly ideas for Meatless Monday, I think homemade mac and cheese is something that's always going to be a hit, and this Brussels Sprout Mac & Cheese from Love and Olive Oil bumps up the nutrition by adding Brussels sprouts to the mix. Lindsay says it took endless experiments to come up with the perfect cheesy combination you see in the recipe, so leave out the Brussels sprouts if you they're a deal-breaker for your family, but please follow her recommendations on the cheese.

Brussels Sprouts Mac and Cheese
Image: Courtesy of Love and Olive Oil

Get the recipe for Brussels Sprout Mac & Cheese from Love and Olive Oil.

Have you made something interesting for Meatless Monday this week? If so please share the recipe link or your recipe in the comments. You can find more Meatless Monday recipes by clicking the tag Meatless Mondays.

BlogHer Contributing Editor Kalyn Denny is proud to be an official Meatless Monday blogger. She also blogs at Kalyn's Kitchen, where she's committed to low-glycemic cooking, and at Slow Cooker From Scratch, where she features "from scratch" slow cooker recipes. Kalyn probably won't ever be a vegetarian, but she does love to make meatless dishes such as Macaroni with Greens, Lemon and Parmesan.

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