Make your own decisions

Make your own decisions

When you can’t decide what you want, it’s usually decided for you. I was trying to figure out should I either start packing as we were getting ready for a trip to hubby’s hometown the next day or do I want get ahead on the dinner. Neither option sounded appealing and that’s when I heard a bang in the next room. Followed by Stela’s crying.

The horrible mother in me was already contemplating what she must have broken and how much time it will take to fix it. It didn’t even cross my mind that she might be hurt. I rushed to the room because the crying got louder and I needed to asses the damage. “It must be Tesa’s crib as she is constantly climbing it and then jumping down. I hope she didn’t completely ruin it.” that was going through my mind as I swooped in the room. I checked for the damage and as there was none I finally turned to my daughter. She was crying, that’s all. Nothing seemed out of place or missing. But just to be on the safe side I had her open her mouth and that’s when I saw that she had managed to hurt her teeth. The minute I witnessed blood and a tooth out of place I was shocked. And I always let it show. I don’t know how I haven’t learned it by now, to play it down, be cool. No, I react as if she lost all her teeth and her tongue was twisted and cut in half. Well, of course she immediately feels that way, so no amount of me belatedly trying to sound as if all is alright, helps.

OK, breath in, breath out. It could be worse, I have to think it could be worse, because my knees are wobbly and I am secretly wishing I could go hide in a corner till everything is settled. But no, I’ve got to be the adult and have to fix the mess we are in.

We go to visit the dentist and we are in luck as she can get in almost as soon as we arrive. I try explaining what happened and feel the award for the worst mom coming up as I don’t know what she was doing at the time of the accident. But nothing, not even horrified looks from anyone. Apparently it is OK, if you are not with your kid every second. Glad I dodged that bullet.

Not much can be done now, the dentist just shakes her head and I am again left to imagine how things could’ve been worse, I mean she could’ve broken her leg, arm, had a concussion, cut something. I got myself so worked up I am almost ready to burst in tears. Thank God I don’t have boys and why did I get girls who act like boys, because none of this would’ve happened if she was having a princess tea party.

We go home with a load of instructions and an order or rather a suggestion to get yet another tooth brush that might fix part of the problem. The marketing professional in me has doubts about being duped her, but I am buying this brush just to compensate for not preventing the accident. I am ready to do just about anything and they know it. Hey, I think we all know it.

With disaster fixed or as fixed as it can be we arrive home. I had forgotten about packing and decide to do it tomorrow and well anything will work for dinner as I am not even that hungry any more – just relieved it’s bed time and Mommy can have a well deserved glass of wine. Decisions, decisions, next time I am making mine.

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