A Fun Drink for Kids: Pink Lemonade Slushie

A Fun Drink for Kids: Pink Lemonade Slushie

My kids are always wanting something "fun" to drink so I whipped up these no-brainers on Saturday night. 

pink lemonade slushie

All you need is pink lemonade, ice and a blender. Pour the pink lemonade and ice into the blender and whiz around until the ice is chopped up. (I told you it was a no-brainer.) Make sure to clink some bottles around in the fridge and to make some fuss so everyone thinks you are working harder than you really are. Create an illusion. 

To add to the fun, I jazzed it up with a fancy straw. I used some of the flowers that I found at Target's $1 spot. Just peel the paper from the sticker part and stick it onto the straw. Easy as that. These straws would be perfect for any spring or summer get-together. 


Hope you enjoy this fun little drink that makes me think of summer! (Summer? Are you there? We're ready for you!)

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