Major goal crossed off my list

Major goal crossed off my list

I just completed my 5 week summer online class.  This was not just any class. This class was statistics. The class that brought fear to my heart since they wanted me to take it in 1999.  I was a communication major and the program strongly suggested that I take statistics.  I said, "No way on God's this green earth am I taking statistics". So I opted to take a class called math concepts and called it good. 

Fast foreward to 2004 when I wanted to enter nursing school.  I purposelly picked the hospital  diploma program that did not require statistics.  I finished the program and became a registered nurse. 

Fast foreward to 2014.  All of the major hospitals in my area want to hire RNs with bachelor's degrees.  My financial security feels threatened.  I return to school to get my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and I have to take ................statistics.

But the funny part is after almost a decade of being afraid of statistics. I passed the class and I actually learned something.  I feel wonderful.  I feel like I can conquer any class.  Maybe I'll go back and take the advanced algebra class and see how I do. Or,   maybe not. 

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