Magic Kingdom Day Two

Magic Kingdom Day Two

I woke up Friday morning with a little bit of was our last day in Disney!  Instead of taking the girls to Epcot {which I love but don't think it's as kid friendly} we went back for another day at Magic Kingdom.  The morning started off with one last call from Olaf, and sadly my dead cell phone.  No matter what I did it wouldn't turn on,  Instead of letting it consume me, I just left it behind and headed out for a great day!!

First we had to take some pictures outside Ariel at our hotel.  I really meant to take more pictures of the whole resort, but I forgot...oh well.


We took the ferry over and got to the park just after it opened.  We had to pick up our lunch picture from Cinderella from the other day, and we all wanted to grab "I'm Celebrating" buttons for Charlie's birthday.  She wouldn't wear hers, but Emmy made sure to let everyone know that Charlie was turning 3 on Sunday!

We wandered up Main Street a little, and I think rode the carousel for the first time of the day {many more to follow} .

Charlie was being extremely clingy to me this day, and not interested in most of the things Emmy was.  So Skip and I ended up splitting up a decent amount.  He would go off with Emmy and I would stay with Charlie.  The first activity we did this for was Belle's Enchanted Tales.  Emmy and Skip went to meet Belle and Charlie and I just wandered around exploring.

When they were rode Dumbo {again} and headed over to the Casey Jr. Splash pad.  By this time it was starting to look very ominous out, so we decided to head over to lunch.


Since it had opened, I have been dying to eat at Be Our Guest...the restaurant at the Beast's castle.  It is a table service restaurant at night, but only quick-service during the day!  I had heard that it gets super crowded, so at 10:40 {it opens at 10:30} we bolted over there as the rain started falling.

Well apparently we were not the only ones to have this idea, and we had to wait a really long time to eat.  We waited at least 30 minutes outside the castle, and another 30 inside.


The inside waiting was much harder as I had to hold Charlie because strollers have to be left outside and girlfriend was not happy.  I tried every trick in the book and she still refused to stop screaming.  I thought my arms were going to fall off from the sheer exhaustion of carrying her.  Now yes, I knew she was having a tough day and an hour long wait was not something that would help her.  But honestly, I wanted to go so bad that I just decided to deal with the fussiness and make the best of it.  This was the one thing I really wanted to do on the trip.

And let me tell you, it was worth it.  All the crying, and waiting, and getting soaked outside was seriously so worth it.  You order your food from a kiosk when you walk in, and then go find a seat.  Somehow {magic} the servers know where you're sitting and bring your food out to you on the fancy carts from the movie.  There are three different rooms you can sit in, and you really feel like you've walked into the movie!!



And let me tell you, this was some of the best food we ate at Disney!  Seriously, I would have eaten there every day if I could.  And the grey stuff?  It really is delicious!

Once we figured subjecting our kids to that torture, we headed out for an afternoon filled with rides!  We headed over and rode the carousel again.  Then Skip and Emmy headed off to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train {which I was super bummed about not going on, but Charlie threw an epic tantrum anytime she couldn't see me, so it was really for the best} and Charlie and I wandered around a bit down by Tom Sawyer's Island.  It was tough since I didn't have a phone, so Skip and I had to kick it old school and pick a time and place to meet up!

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