Lying by Omission to my Family is my MO

Lying by Omission to my Family is my MO

Why is it so hard to tell your family how you are feeling and your deepest thoughts?  These are the people that should love you unconditionally.  Your mother gave birth to you and was the first nurturer of your hopes and dreams.  My sister tells me she prays for me and wants to have a deeper relationship.

But still in my 30's, I find myself in the throes of a panic because I haven't told my parents or siblings about my blog.  I write under a pen name.  I was planning on telling them when I set it up; but other things came up with them and took the spotlight.  But D-Day is quickly arriving, now that I'm going to BlogHer '11 and visiting a cousin in San Diego afterwards.

"What type of conference are you going to?" "Is it for work?"  So many innocent questions that I keep dodging with evasive answers and internal curse words.

How am I ever going to tell them?  And then, will I have opened Pandora's Box?


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