Lush products, not gluten free.

Lush products, not gluten free.

A week ago I was diagnosed with severe Celiac disease, I can’t have gluten. Not only I can’t ingest gluten, I can’t have it in my make-up and in general I have to stay very, very far away from anything containing gluten.

Said this you can imagine what’s going on my vanity and in my bathroom. One of the brands I always loved and was going to blog about was Lush. I was convinced it was gluten free based on the fact that it’s a natural brand, dedicated to produce good for you products.

I have quite a few of their items, including some make up that I thought was going to be a stable in my new gluten free make up regiment.

Boy was I wrong!

Yesterday, after realizing that I no longer had a daily BB cream I went on their site to check out their ingredient list. Armed with a print out of all the “unsafe” chemicals and what not I started reading down their labels. I was confused by a couple of terms and I decided to email them.

This morning I received my answer. Their replay was that they don’t claim to be gluten free but being that I have Celiac disease I should be safe as long as I don’t ingest their products. They followed with a list of items containing gluten and bid me goodbye. If I had any more question I was to contact my doctor.

First: If you produce items with gluten in your facility you cannot guarantee me that the products not containing it are not going to be contaminated.

Secondly: people don’t usually eat foundation or lipstick for that matter but, if I touch my face and then my mouth guess what I just did? You got it, I just ingested gluten.

Thirdly: there are people out there so sensitive to gluten that they can’t even touch it, I break out and have terrible rashes when I do.

Fourthly: if I’m spending my hard earned money on your products you can at least do me the favor of not insulting my intelligence.

Fifth: neither my doctor nor I have time to waste going over every brand out there.

To those of you not having a gluten problem I do suggest giving their face colors a try, they are a little hard to work with but have a very nice finish. Their mascara is one of the worst items I’ve ever had the displeasure to use mostly because of the poorly thought out package. Their lip colors are pretty but taste funny and they gave me a rash.

So here we are my friends, if you have Celiac disease or simply don’t want to pollute your skin with gluten Lush is not for you.

P.S. I sent a reply to that email pointing out that some people can’t touch products with gluten in them and that sadly they would lose my business and I received an email back telling me that my issue had been resolved.

Way to go Lush customer service! You get an E for effort from me, all I can say it’s that at least you replied in a promptly manner.

Please comment and subscribe, and if like me you are fed up by this kind of answer hit the star and the twitter! We deserve respect too!


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