Lose the Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey on Losing 100 pounds D6

Lose the Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey on Losing 100 pounds D6

Well, yesterday I should have written 2 blog posts but it looks like today will be 2 blog day.


I had junk food all day yesterday:

A handful of chocolate chips and a handful of goldfish crackers for breakfast, accompanied by an ice-cold Coca-Cola.

I had a burger with lettuce and tomato for lunch (no fries, which I usually eat).

2 Chocolate chip cookies that my dad made for me

2 slices of pizza and 2 chicken wings, also accompanied with a coca-cola.


For someone trying to cut back on the carbs I'm really not doing so great.   I will be making a concerted effort the rest of this week to add vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.  I figure if I add them daily then we can work on adding them in to multiple times daily.  This is all about baby steps.

I admit, I stepped on the scale again this morning because I was concerned my junk food binge yesterday would completely derail my week of progress.  To my surprise I was down another pound to 251.2 pounds  (ALMOST OUT OF THE 250'S!!! YAY!!!)

I did paint my bedroom and move furniture yesterday.  I was sweating my bum off trying to move our dressers alone.  You really don't know how much you appreciate help moving until you have to do it yourself.   I'm sore today but it was a great workout!

I only have a few more minute for my break so I best be going. 

I'll catch up with you later!