Looking for Prejudice? You'll Find It.

Looking for Prejudice? You'll Find It.

Later in the day, a similar situation occurs as another traveler approaches the man leaning against the rock. In a similar manner, the new traveler asks how the people are in the next town. The man leaning on the rock asks him how the people were in the town, from whence he came. The new traveler says they were full of life, loving and warm. And, the man leaning on the rock answers that the people in the town are just the same, that the traveler ought to stay as he will be happy.

Therefore, the most valuable thing my mother taught me was that when it comes to experiences in life, if I choose to look for discord and hatred, I will find it. While, if I look for love and laughter, it is always there for me.

And, so, I maintain, if one enters any situation looking for those "in that town" to express displeasure at the color of their skin, hair and weight, they will surely find it. And, if a person enters a situation looking to find agreeable people who love them for what they are, rather than how they appear, one will find that also.

Consider taking some thoughts from a grown up little girl whose mother didn't love her because she had brown hair, and who dealt with prejudice at an early age: If you see other people's colors in a yoga class, it's only because you are uncomfortable with yourself. And, if you forget your own colors in that yoga class, odds are, everyone else will as well.

Bottom line? Own your colors and all of the rest of you. You are the only person you have. Choose to cherish your outer self as you do your inner spirit and all of life's blessings. Then, after that...

...choose to watch this video, join Pharrell Williams and just be HAPPY!

Absolutely LOVE this video!
What a celebration of life.


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