LinkedIn Business Features – Bringing It All Together

LinkedIn Business Features – Bringing It All Together

linkedinIn last last weeks’ post, LinkedIn’s Features for Business I discussed how Company Page Analytics, Sponsored Updates and Targeted Updates are powerful tools for your business. Did you know that you can make all 3 work together to ensure the best use of your LinkedIn Company Page?

By researching the data in your Company Page Analytics, you can determine who is following you. This may verify that you are attracting your target audience or may affirm that you have more than one audience that you did not know existed – and may be neglecting.

The next step is to look at the level of engagement and interaction on your company page. What type of content is your audience most responsive to? Is it articles, blog posts, images, videos, etc.? By comparing your posts, in the Updates section, discover which content has the most reach and engagement with your followers.

Now take this data and apply it to your updates. With your audience in mind, target the right message to the correct audience. If you have more than one target audience or persona, then develop multiple messages and speak to them.

If you wish to sponsor updates, think of the audience you wish to attract and the type of content that appeals to them. Then write your post and sponsor the update to further extend your message beyond your current following.

LinkedIn Business

However, you are not finished, return to your analytics and review. Are you reaching the correct audience and are they engaged with your targeted and sponsored updates? As you can see this is a cyclical process. Continually use your analytics to fine tune your messaging and company page presence.

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The key here is to dig into the analytics, figure out what is going on with your followers and crafting the right messages to reach and engage with them.


Jeannine O'Neil

JO Social Branding

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