Life on Zoloft

Life on Zoloft

A couple of months ago I wrote about my decision to begin taking a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) and delay trying to conceive after suffering two miscarriages last year. After two months on Zoloft, my world has softened and my life has become more manageable.

After multiple [fruitless] appointments, and a 10 minute appointment with a psychiatrist I’ve never met, I had a prescription for Zoloft in-hand with instructions NOT to begin taking while breastfeeding or trying to conceive [without speaking to my OB first]. I sat on that prescription for days, weighing my options and surfing the internet to get even more information. My research told me that I was prescribed a hefty dosage of Zoloft, and my inner doctor told me to take one-third of that dosage, which I did. I don’t advocate disregarding a prescribed dosage of medication, but my decision to cut the dosage was based upon several factors:

  • I still did not want to let go of the idea of getting pregnant…yesterday, so I figured that taking a lower dosage would allow me to feel the benefits of the medication and have an easy time weaning in a few months.
  • I tend to go with a ‘less is more’ approach to taking medication
  • I haven’t really taken medication in the past three years (allergy, aspirin, or otherwise), so I knew my body would be sensitive to any medication I put into it
  •  I didn’t know this doctor from Adam, and he prescribed my dosage after speaking with me for ten minutes (#Idonttrustdoctors)
  •  I’m stubborn and think I always know what’s best for me (at least I’m honest)

 I am very happy to report that I have, indeed, felt the effects of the Zoloft, despite taking one-third the dosage prescribed to me. The changes are subtle, but the impact taking Zoloft has on my quality of life is immense.

 I feel the need to make a SSRI Public Service Announcement here: if you begin taking an SSRI and don’t feel like yourself, or stop feeling anything, contact your doctor to discuss; you should still feel like yourself and experience a range of emotions while taking an SSRI.

While my 'problems' and 'demons' have not changed in the past couple of months, nor has my workload or stress(es), the way I approach dealing with them (ie. actually dealing with them) has changed as a result of taking an SSRI.  In the two months I’ve been taking Zoloft, I have noticed an increased amount of patience with things that used to irk me or get under my skin. Situations that would send me spiraling in an attempt to control, I now take in stride. I’m no longer experiencing daily anxiety attacks and have less anxiety while driving and in social situations. In fact, I am confidently attending a blogging conference this week as a result of taking an SSRI; a couple of months ago, the thought of traveling and being in an extremely social setting for an entire weekend would have caused me a great deal of anxiety and stress.

 My overall outlook on life is definitely more positive than it was prior to taking Zoloft (and beginning therapy). I’m meeting with a new psychiatrist this week and am incredibly excited to talk to her about a medication plan and start considering the possibility of trying to conceive in a few months. I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to do something about how I was feeling, but am so glad to be feeling the way that I do.

Have you/do you take an SSRI?  What effects do you feel taking an SSRI have had on your life?  Good?  Bad?  No change? 


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