Update 4/18/12: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on the links below.

BlogHer invited a group of bloggers to try Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash to see how soft and smooth it made their skin feel. Did you know that every bottle of Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash has more than a jar of Olay Moisturizers? Sounds good to us!

Click on the links below to read their reviews. Each blogger is also giving away a $50 Visa gift card so be sure to read them all for your chances to win!

This BlogHer sweepstakes runs from March 20, 2012 to April 17, 2012 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older.  Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. To read the Official Rules, click here. Good luck!

Dry Skin Relief in One Easy Step

f you need to know what season it is, you don't have to look at a calendar or even out your window. You can just look at Alexis' hands. She of short stature perpetually battles dry skin in the winter. While she gets it everywhere, the back of her right hand is the most reliable means of figuring out the season. If there is a rough patch of very dry skin there, welcome to winter! Now please dip my kid in a vat of lotion!  Read more

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash Leaves My Skin Feeling Great

Whenever I'm asked to review a body wash, my reason for saying yes is purely based on the fact that I am most probably out of or almost out of my current body wash and, being in the middle of finishing writing my book, I'm not leaving the house much these days...most specifically, my home office. In fact, I have to include "shower" on my to-do list as of late or it just may go un-done. No, I'm not proud. But what enticed me most about this product, given my very limited free "me time," was that it claims to have "Over a jar of Olay Moisturizers" in every bottle.  Read more

Olay Body Wash in the Bath. What a Treat!

When I became a mother, I learned that a lot of things had to give. Particularly when it came to my beauty routine. I'm fortunate if I get a shower, put on clothes that have no holes, and get to run a brush through my hair. In fact if I actually wear something that matches I'm greeted with "WOW Mom! Are we GOING somewhere?" My morning beauty routine is where the most valuable time has to be shaved away.  Read more

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash Felt Indulgent

Recently I was approached by BlogHer to do a review of Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. I jumped at the chance because I live in a dry climate and am always slathering on lotion, so I'm always interested in products that will keep my skin hydrated. Most enticing to me is the more than a jar of moisturizer that is in every bottle of this body wash. The first time I used it I found it to be thick and emollient. A small bit lathered up easily on my bath poof.  Read more

Olay Wins! It Keeps Me from Drying Out

I have dry skin. I could soak myself in a giant vat of baby oil and somehow leave with dry flaky skin. Sounds appealing, doesn't it? The weird thing is I didn't used to have dry skin. Among other things, I'm blaming my dry skin on my mother and recent 30th-28th-26th-25th birthday. Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I’ve noticed some major changes. The most annoying of all is that my skin has a newfound love of drying out fast  Read more