Life Goes On, Boston Strong

Life Goes On, Boston Strong

This morning thousands of runners are headed to Hopkinton to run this year's Boston Marathon.  They'll make the 26.2 mile journey to Copley Square, to land in the arms of their loved ones at the finish line.  As they meet the smiles and cheers and tears of the crowd, a small cloud will follow them, a small prick of fear.  This was the site of the bombing last year.  Four lives were lost, over 200 wounded.  Spectators and runners lost limbs and were scarred for life physically and emotionally.  The bombers, whose names I won't repeat, because I refuse to give them the attention they wanted,  were brothers with a false sense of Godhood.  They did what they did with the intent of causing fear and national attention, and with the idea that they would continue on to the next city to do the same.  They wanted the Marathon to be blighted forever, and to an extent it is.

But there are more runners this year than last, and those that are running this year that didn't get to finish last year have a determination and will-power that is like nothing you've ever seen.  Whether they're running for Sean Collier, the police officer shot by the bombers, or hard-working Medford resident Krystle Campbell, or the  eight year old boy Martin Richard, or Linzi Lu, the exchange student, or for themselves, they're running with ghosts and they're running with the wishes of people across the globe.  We wish for the mark on this happy event not to be erased, but to be changed to an asterisk, an anomaly at the end of the page.  We want to remember those we have lost and honor the survivors, but we also want our Marathon to once again be full of laughter, and hope.  This will happen, eventually, due to the simple fact that we are Boston, and we are strong.  

The bombers were caught, after the governor shut the city down for days to find them.  One was killed, the other wounded, now awaiting trial for his crimes.  I won't spend more than these few sentences of thought on them today; they don't deserve it.  I will tune in to the local channel covering the Marathon.  I will cheer on the runners, including my cousin and my friend's brother.  I will say a prayer for last year's victims, and  I will heave a small sigh of relief when the race is over, and none were harmed.  It will be a triumph over evil, it will be the symbol of our perseverance in the face of fear, and it will be the proof that we are, indeed, Boston Strong.


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