Letting Technology Babysit a Toddler

Letting Technology Babysit a Toddler

What if I told you I let technology babysit my toddler last night? Would you judge me? Before you decide, hear me out…

Last night Khoza and some colleagues went out to celebrate the “CODiE” award they had won. (Yeah, I didn’t know what it was either. Turns out it’s an award for high-impact software design. Who knew?!) So Baboo and I were left to fend for ourselves. Of course on our miserable commute home, he fell asleep. Awesome. The problem was, as soon as we get home, the dogs who have been holding their bladders for 11 hours need to be walked. What’s a mom to do? I could have gotten home, woken Baboo up, then let him scream his brains out in his pack ‘n play while I walked the dogs. OR I could leave him snug in his car seat, tucked away in the garage.

I choose the latter.

Only, letting Baboo sit in the garage by himself, sleeping or not, didn’t quite sit right with me. So I decided to let technology babysit him. How’s that you ask? I FaceTime called my mom who lives 200 miles away and asked her to watch him, that’s how. I propped the phone up on the back of the seat so she could see him and he could see her if he woke up, and gave her strict instructions to be QUIET (she has a hard time with that). I returned less than 10 minutes later with an extremely happy grandma and a baby still sound asleep. Win-win.

So the lesson in this story? Sometimes it’s OK to let technology babysit your kids. Especially if they happen to have a degree in early childcare.

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