Let's practice Kindness this New Year

Let's practice Kindness this New Year

I don't know about you, but I'm weary of the news headlines, much less of reading the details that go along with those headlines. I'm weary of hearing about death and violence and war. Those things, it seems, will always be with us unfortunately, but I'm ready to read news headlines of the "good stuff" we do for one another...for I know that we do good stuff.

In fact, as naive as it may sound, I'm ready for a revolution of kindness.  A Kindness Revolution. I'm ready for us all to smile at one another while waiting in line at the bank. I'm ready for us to help that person pick up the spilled groceries in the parking lot with no thought for reward.

I'm ready to read where think tanks are being set up to figure out that 'third alternative' to war and rumors of war.  I'm ready for discussions of how to fix things not just discussions of what is wrong with things.

I'm tired of hearing complaints and belly-aching and so ready to hear people take responsibility for their actions and then put action behind that...healing action, remedies in action.

And I'm so ready for a "can do" attitude rather than an "it won't work" attitude.  I'm ready to read headlines that my government is willing to lay party politics aside and work together - now there's a concept!

I don't know about you, but it seems as if this world could use more simple kindness...the smiles, the 'thank you,' the 'you are welcome,' the 'please' and the 'let's try it!'

Rather than turning our backs on one another maybe we could reach out with a touch of kindness.  

If you think kindness is worth a try, tweet #KindnessRevolution the next time you're on Twitter.




Linda C Smith, Artist and Writer



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