Let’s Explore Italian Culture and Cuisines for our Sunday Lunch

Let’s Explore Italian Culture and Cuisines for our Sunday Lunch

When you first think about Italian food, the first food that comes into my mind is a pizza, pasta, Parmesan, basil, coffee and even garlic and olive oil. Italian food and culture goes hand in hand. Their food culture means warmth and joy i.e. sitting together with your loved ones and family and enjoy the slow and long course of meals. In Italy Sunday brunches or lunches are really famous; the whole family sits together to have a food usually at 12 or 1 pm. They sit, eat, chat for hours and enjoy the presence of each member in the family. The head of the family like grandparents or aunts make sure that each person is finishing their meals.

However, Italian recipes are far ahead of just pastas and pizzas. There are plenty of recipes which defines their food culture which also includes fish, shrimps, salami, types of breads, vegetables like eggplants and zucchinis, risotto, polenta, variety of cheeses and wines etc. Italians like eating locally, buying fresh fruits and vegetables from farmer’s stands, and shopping at local butcher’s and seafood markets for the freshest of ingredients. Although, Italian culture is strict and they don’t mix other cuisines in their meals which shows their narrow-mindedness towards any experiments but time is changing and people are accepting different culture and traditions too. In today’s post, I will share 4 interesting and authentic Italian recipes that you can try with your family on a nice Sunday lunch.

Shrimp Alfredo: This is one of the authentic recipe of Italy. People do get confuse it with shrimp scampi; here scampi means the way you cook or the culinary style of cooking shrimps. Shrimps are actually bigger than prawns but smaller than lobsters. Anyways, Shrimp Alfredo is a delicious recipe cooked with juicy and tender shrimps in the Alfredo sauce. This recipe is a family approved recipe.

Baked Artichoke Dip Pizza: Generally we make pizza with tomato basil sauce as a base. But if you love to experiment with flavors and taste. Using this authentic Italian Dip; you can make a wonderful and scrumptious pizza out of it. Put anything you like as a topping and bake this wonderful pizza for your family. You may also like to try Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pizza; click here for the recipe.

Pesto Sauce: Who don’t like Pesto Pasta? A pasta made of fresh pesto sauce is simply divine. It’s a classic blend of basil and Parmesan cheese; this sauce is perfect not just for a pasta recipe but for fish or chicken recipes too. The flavor and aroma of fresh basil uplift the taste of any dish.

Vegetable Quiche: Italian dishes are famous for vegetables. They make plenty of dishes with eggplants, tomatoes, kale, zucchinis etc. In this, nothing can be compared with a vegetable quiche. It’s a perfect breakfast or brunch recipe which is not just appetizing but satisfying too. This recipe is even worthy for any meatless Mondays, if you follow. 

Another amazing recipe is risotto, although risotto is made from a special rice called Arborio rice but this recipe is served in the first course of the meal unlike a side dish or a main course. This recipe simply melts into our taste glands and flavor of rice, cheese and wine is just out of the world.

In Italy, food means celebration and not just an essential for living. They cherish their meals with their family. It’s actually a beautiful culture where food bring all family and loved one together on a table to appreciate and thankful to god for this glorious food and togetherness.

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