Learning to Follow

Learning to Follow

The music clicks on and it is time to begin. I desperately want to look at my feet in order to keep them in line, but I work to keep my head up, my eyes centered on him.  I place my right hand in his left, and my other on his shoulder. He smiles at me, blue eyes twinkling as we count off together. 1, 2, 3, begin.
Slow, slow, quick, quick.
Slow, quick, quick.
He sends me out for a twirl, and I am not expecting it. I stumble over my feet.
We laugh at our attempts to keep time with the music, as the instructor rushes over to my side. “You must learn how to follow. Always be a quarter step behind him.” I nod, and as the instructor walks away. My husband catches my eye and says “I told you so,” without opening his mouth.
You see,  marriage? It is a delicate dance. It’s trusting your partner to know what direction is best and not let you bump into other couples on the dance floor, walls or pointy objects. It’s learning to keep your head up and not look at the floor, worrying that you might trip. It's knowing that sometimes you will be off tempo, and you have to come back to center. It’s going with the flow of being twirled without a moment’s notice, knowing that your partner will keep you safe. It’s knowing that, in the end, you will always come back together.
It’s learning when to lead and when to follow. 

And let’s just say, I’ve never been a follower.

But I’m learning. 

And like the say in the dance world, practice makes perfect. 

1, 2, 3...begin.


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